• Mama Baba, iza bit reedo…

Mama Baba, iza bit reedo…

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Mama Baba, iza bit reedo… (Mummy Daddy, please…)

The first and only bilingual transliterated children’s book written using the everyday Lebanese-Arabic language spoken at home.

A young girls journey through a day from waking to sleeping and learning to say “please.”
The perfect first step for families who wish to communicate with their children in the everyday Lebanese-Arabic language spoken at home.

“Children will be very lucky to have such a wonderful book read to them. I love the illustrations and the story is just beautiful.” - Mariam, Primary School Teacher, DEC NSW

“I really recommend this book for anyone interested in exploring or preserving the Arabic language among future Aussie generations. My kids love it and my 5yo was so proud to take it to show and tell at her school!” - Antoinette, Journalist and Co-founder Media Diversity Australia

“My 4yo daughter loves this book. It ignited an interest to communicate in Arabic at home - I’m a happy mum!” - Donia

About the Author

Sirine Demachkie is a Bilingual Presenter and Producer (speaking fluent Arabic and English), working locally and abroad for over 10 years across a diverse array of genres. Sirine has worked with global and Australian brands, including; ABC Foreign Correspondent, ABC Kids, Westpac Banking Corporation, Fremantle Media and Football NSW as Facebook Live Host to their ‘NPL Live Show.’ Sirine has also self-published her first bilingual children’s book – inspired by her curly haired, pocket rocket little girl, Elyssa.

Facebook Page: Sirine Demachkie - Bilingual Presenter Producer

What was the inspiration behind this book?

My daughter, Elyssa, is bilingual (speaks Arabic and English) and one night during our bed time routine, she asked me to read her a story. I was thrilled, and I tried as best I could as a beginner in reading Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).
Furthermore, she kept asking me what the words meant, and I had to translate them (those I knew) to conversational Arabic – she was disengaged, and I realised…this isn’t working.

Who is this book suitable for?

This book is aimed at pre-schoolers to early primary school age children.

Why is this book important?

Through my own experience with my daughter, Elyssa and with many families I have spoken with, there is a deep concern we are losing our mother language. This is met with a desire - a longing - to reclaim and pass on their language and cultural heritage to their children, such as through storytelling.
According to the Census, a quarter of Australian households speak their mother tongue at home, not English. My experience is that parents may, but the children don’t – second and third generation Australians, if you like.
This book is a celebration of the nuances, quirks and fun that we experience day-to-day when speaking in our everyday

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