• Kebab Maker Box

Kebab Maker Box

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Kebab Maker Box - صندوق المشاوي

36 Skewers / BBQ'S Good Helper - Kebab Maker Box Skewers Brochette Beef Skewer Making Machine


§  Save times, you can make 36 brochettes kebab in seconds!

§  Can be used with meat, fruit or vegetables

§  Simplify and reduces the hassle of cutting individual pieces and inserting them on the skewers

§  Very easy to use and clean (does not stick)

§  Detachable design (4 sides) - helps  you to save space

§  Dishwasher safe

How does it work:

- Prepare meat, vegetables or fruits. 

- Insert layers of food into the body of Kebab Maker. 

- Once full, place the top on the Kebab Maker. 

- Insert skewers through the holes at the top of the product. 

- Using a sharp knife, insert the knife into one of the lateral slats & begin slicing. 

- Continue the process following the grid until complete. 

- Remove the top and body of the kebab maker. 

- Add a touch like a tomato on top then ready for the grill to enjoy 


* Material: Plastic
Size: 15.cm × 17.5 cm × 22.5 cm
* Weight: 902g
* Packing: English colorful carton box 

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